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1、mitsubishi A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-50PRF Type Printer interface module User's Manual
Mitsubishi will not be held liable for damage caused by factors found not to be the cause of Mitsubishi; machine damage or lost profits cause
2、mitsubishi_A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-50WRS2A9GT-50WRS4 type Serial Communication Board User's
2) Mount the A9GT-50WRS2 or the A9GT-50WRS4 in the slot for mounting a communication board. (Align the hole for the attachment screw on the
3、mitsubishi A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-50WSTAND User's Manual
) Determine the angle for installing the GOT. Slide the angle adjustment fitting as shown below to determine the angle. The angle can be adjuste
4、mitsubishi A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-70LTS Back Light User’s Manual
In GOT, back lights are incorporated for the indicator LCD. These back lights lose the luminance as they are used. Replace the back ligh
5、mitsubishi A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-70LTTB Back Light User’s Manual
Type Hardware Version Changing Method Reference Destination A97 GOT-TBA(-B) Version K (May, 2001) or earlier, Version R (May, 2002) o
6、mitsubishi A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-70STAND User’s Manual
U.S.A Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. 500 Corporate Woods Parkway Vernon Hills, IL 60061 Tel : +1-847-478-2100 Brazil M
7、mitsubishi A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-80R1 type RGB input interface module User's (Hardware)
• A9GT-80R1cannot be mounted to the GOT other than A985GOT-V. • For details of the system configuration, refer to the GOT-A900 Seri
8、mitsubishi A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-80STAND User's Manual
Stand is convenient especially when screen data debugging is performed in the case the GOT is bus-connected by means of an extension cable. Whe
9、mitsubishi A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-80V4 type Video input interface module User's Manual(Hardware)
Manuals The following manuals are relevant to this product. Refer to the following list and order the required manuals. Detailed Manual Man
10、mitsubishi A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-80V4R1 Type VideoRGB Hybrid Interface Module User's Manual (Hardware)
WIRING PRECAUTIONS] DANGER ! Plug the cable into the connector of the connected module and tighten the mounting and terminal screws in the spe
11、mitsubishi A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-BUS2SU type Multidrop Bus connection interface User's Manual
z Do not disassemble or modify any module. This will cause failure, malfunction, injuries, or fire. z Do not touch the conductive areas and e
12、mitsubishi A9GT mitsubishi_A9GT-BUSSU type Bus connection interface module User's Manual
(A7GT-CNB) With the A9GT-BUSSU, the dimensions of the cable that protrudes from the bottom of the GOT are smaller than the A9GT-BUSS/A9GT-BUS
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