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Mitsubishi QI60,A1sx10
Published Time:2015-6-2
Mitsubishi QI60,A1sx10
MITSUBISHI >> Q Series PLC >> Interrupt module >> Interrupt module QI60
MITSUBISHI Interrupt module QI60
Model: QI60
16 point.
24 V DC.
response time: 0.1/0.2/0.4/0.6/1 ms.
16 points/common.
18-point terminal block

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OMRON Pushbutton Switch A16-TBA-1
Model: A16-TBA-1.
Description : Non--Illuminated Standard Button.
Shape: Round.
Contact: SPDT.
Alternate action; Enclosed (IP40).
Operator Color Codes: Black.
Mounting Aperture of 16 mm.
Modular construction (Pushbutton +Case + Lamp + Switch Unit).
Wide range of switching capacity from general to microload.

Model: Q25PRHCPU
No. of I/O points: 4096 points.
no. of I/O device points: 8192 points.
program capacity: 252 k steps.
basic operation processing speed (LD instruction): 0.034s.
program memory capacity: 1008 KB.
peripheral connection ports: USB and RS232.
with memory card I/F

MITSUBISHI Terminal block adapter Q6TA32-TOL
Model: Q6TA32-TOL
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