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Omron PLC in Laiwu Steel Transfer Treatment Plant
Articles Entry:LKong Source: Published Time:2011-5-20
Omron PLC in Laiwu Steel Transfer Treatment Plant

System composed of water transfer treatment plant control system using OMRON CP1L-M series PLC based automation system hardware. Monitoring is by CX-Designer software, programming software using CX-Programmer, using WINDOWS XP as the platform interface to form a computerized operating system, to achieve human-machine communication. Between the controller and the host computer to communicate with serial port. System increased by 2 CP1W-40EDR expansion unit, enhanced control of the control system.
3. The main control functions
3.1 Water circulation pump control logic control 2 pools, 2 clear pond, two back with pool, two chlorine, the three additional rooms such as alum into the water container, the water circulation pumps, each pool has three to pump water. The entire production cycle to achieve water supply. Circulating water pump motor control on the same principle, only an example to explain # circulation pump.
1 # 4-1 circulating pump with pump motor, pump motor 4-2, 4-3 a total of three water pumps water pump motor.
Mode of operation for the machine next to the operation, centralized operation.
Machine next to the operator: operator operating in the field box to operate directly, through the start, stop button, start the motor to achieve a single run, stop.
Centralized operations: by the upper monitor screen to operate, is divided into manual and automatic modes.
Manual mode: the operator corresponding pump operation by monitoring the screen, when the pump is put into use, the operator can be in the pictureRelays are used mostly by the application of almost all OMRON relay, stable performance, reasonble price.

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