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a - connectBlue Presents a Bluetooth Dual-mode System-on-Module
Articles Entry: Source:Network Published Time:2014-4-1
a - connectBlue Presents a Bluetooth Dual-mode System-on-Module

connectBlue hAs today launched the System-on-Module OBP421 which is a Bluetooth Dual-mode (Bluetooth Smart Ready) module.The System-on-Module OBP421 is a compact and fully customizable module particularly suitable in industrial, medical and Internet of Things (IoT) applications where Bluetooth dual-mode capability, quick time-to-market and cost efficiency are of key importance. 
With the Bluetooth Dual-mode System-on-Module OBP421, it is possible to get full control of all system resources in one compact solution. Since the OBP421 is Bluetooth Smart Ready, it will become possible to create, compile and link real C code embedded applications with the ability to access
any connected Bluetooth Smart sensor using the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT). Examples of customer specific embedded application software written in C include protocol conversion, data logging, scaling and filtering of digital & analog I/O signals, HMI functionality, CAN-bus connectivity, and intelligent (I2C / SPI) sensor connectivity. 
The OBP421 is based on the standard Bluetooth Serial Port Module OBS421 which has already been proven in use in demanding applications. Recently, the OBS421 was equipped with an even more powerful microcontroller unit (MCU) which laid the foundation for the OBP421 launch. This ARMCortex-M3 32-bit RISC core operates at a 72 MHz frequency with high-speed embedded memories consisting of Flash memory up to 384 kB and SRAM up to 64 kB. The microcontroller offers an extensive range
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