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Han-Yellock - Popular HARTING Han-Yellock connector lineup adds new, smaller size 10
Articles Entry: Source:Network Published Time:2014-5-9
Han-Yellock - Popular HARTING Han-Yellock connector lineup adds new, smaller size 10

HARTING has expanded its award winning HAN-YELLOCK line of modular industrial connectors with the introduction of the smallest size yet. The space saving Han-Yellock10 can fit both rectangular and circular panel cut outs, allowing direct replacement of circular connectors with a panel cut out diameter between 28 ?30mm. It joins the Han-Yellock sizes 30 and 60 and comes with either cable glands M20 or M25, top or angled entry. The defining characteristics of the Han-Yellock line, like its unique, internal latched locking/unlocking mechanism for extremely fast field connections, have been incorporated into the Han-Yellock10. The robust steel mechanism locks both housing halves in place. Turning the distinctive yellow button on the hood 90º prevents accidental disconnects. For unlocking, turning the yellow button to the open position, then pressing it, means the two halves can be separated in seconds.
The Han-Yellock10 can be used for power only, or for combinations of power, signal and/or data. Any Han 3A insert ?over 25 in all ?will fit in this modular connector. It can carry up to 40 A / 690 V of power, data for Ethernet applications, even optical data transmission. In addition, multi-pole inserts with up to 21 contacts also are available. Termination options include crimp, screw and HARTING proprietary Han-Quick Lock. Like the larger Han-Yellock sizes, the zinc die-cast Han-Yellock10 boasts optimal EMC properties and as well as IP 65/67 protection when locked.
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