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Serial - Serial Devices Reach Longer Distances with Optical Fiber
Articles Entry: Source:Network Published Time:2014-5-15
Serial - Serial Devices Reach Longer Distances with Optical Fiber

Today, SERIAL devices continue to be used around the world as an essential component of many industries?applications, such as, process control measurement, production tracking, and data collection. As a matter of fact, the Serial RS-232/422/485 technology is still a major choice solution for Device Manufacturers to build in their current or future product design as a communication port(s) solution because it is stable, there is no risk of data corrosion, and it is easy to setup, deploy and maintain all while being economically friendly.
The flexibility of a Serial Interface can be used to connect
up to 32 nodes in a single half-duplex line, when using a 2-wire RS485 bus. Since the RS-485 bus allows users to have a data transmission distance up to 1.2KM, it is suitable for many Industrial Automation applications.
In traditional solutions for Serial Device networking, users can choose RS-485 repeaters to extend the 1.2KM transmission distance limitation, or increase the number of required Serial Devices connected to the system. In some cases, Serial Repeaters can also be used to combine several RS-485 networks into a more complex network. The drawback, however, of using the Serial Repeater is that each extension will still have the 1.2KM transmission distance limitation and the serial signals would have a chance to be corrupted by the effects of electromagnetic
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