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Movicon - Movicon 11 ensures uninterrupted operations
Articles Entry: Source:Network Published Time:2014-6-5
Movicon - Movicon 11 ensures uninterrupted operations

MOVICON11 introduces a brand new, completely automated, crystal-clear redundancy system, which ensures uninterrupted service and constant process control, thus preventing any loss of information and tackling any possible malfunction.
Indeed, Movicon software integrates powerful automated functions supporting hot backup of redundant network stations with Mission Critical applications. Two Movicon servers configured for a mutual hot backup manage synchronization of both historical and dynamic data, thus ensuring total efficiency and dependable data integrity, even in the most challenging situations. Activation of the Backup Server (see next paragraph for details), return to standard operation and data synchronization are all fully automated. 
Most critical supervision and control processes, such as those used in remote water monitoring or infrastructure management, require a backup station ?known as Backup Server ?which kicks in when the main unit ?known as Main Server ?is malfunctioning. In such cases, Movicon’s proprietary technology allows superfast activation, which sometimes happens in less than one second, and an automatic synchronization, even managing large amounts of data. 
Lastly, with Movicon data archives are constantly synchronized via automated processes, and they are realigned upon resuming standard operation, so as to guarantee secure and reliable management in any situation. Using the configuration parameters it is possible to set time synchronization or verify the status of the Backup Server, which may also be activated manually. 
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