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with - OMEGA ENGINEERING Introduces RTD Sensor with M12 Connector
Articles Entry: Source:Network Published Time:2014-6-6
with - OMEGA ENGINEERING Introduces RTD Sensor with M12 Connector

Omega introduces its new PR-21 series of RTD sensors WITH M12 connector which features an all welded 316L stainless steel housing, an integral 4-pin M12 connector for easy connection, a fast response time and a temperature range of -50 to 250 degrees Celsius (-58 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit). The PR-21 series is ideal for process control and test and measurement applications. These RTD sensors can be used in any 2, 3 or 4-wire application by selecting one of the two available wiring arrangements (see the wiring diagrams below) and using only those wires needed for your connection. This allows for simplified, trouble free installation with any existing application. This also allows the PR-21 series sensor to be used for a wide variety of replacement applications since it can be connected as-is with just about any measurement or control equipment available when combined with a 4-pin female M12 connector extension or patch cable.
Price Starts at $66
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