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FactoryDS - FactoryDS Launch
Articles Entry: Source:Network Published Time:2014-6-21
FactoryDS - FactoryDS Launch

Dynics, Inc., innovative manufacturer and marketer of industrial computer systems, announced the launching of its most innovative Computer Module software to date: FACTORYDS.
FactoryDS is a powerful software package which focuses on the viewable aspects of production, automation, OEE and various metrics related to manufacturing with emphasis on Large Format Digital Signage.
Features include:
  • Alarm Notification
  • Intelligent Graphic Animation 
  • Audio Only & Full Video Support
  • Connect to Any Database
  • Email Notification | PDF Exporting
  • Event Tracking
  • Publish Screens as Web Pages
  • Consistent Reporting
  • Scalability
  • OPC Support
  • Interfaces for FTP & SMTP Email
  • Viewer Network Architecture
It includes an object-oriented database, math functions, report generation, archiving, alarms, batch recipes, and interfaces for PLCs, remote I/O and TCP/IP networking. The software can also be used on a tablet (iPad or Android) or Smartphone.  
FactoryDS also runs on several platforms, including Microsoft Pro Operating Systems (Embedded and Non-embedded), Thin clients, and mobile devices. The built in network architecture allow faster time to repair (MTTR), increased data availability, and lower risk of data communication loss.  FactoryDS: the solution to your automation needs. 
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