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MITSUBISHI Positioning Module FX2N-20GM
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Model: FX2N-20GM.
Number of controllable axes: 2 axes (independently or simultaneously).
Program memory: 7.8 K steps with built-in RAM (battery backup): EEPROM optionally.
Power consumption: 10 W.
FX3U series compatible.
Weight(kg): 0.4.
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm: 86 x 90 x 87
FX2N-10GM, FX2N-20GM
The positioning modules are pulse chain output units that enable the positioning control of stepping motors or servo motors via the drive unit.
The comfortable programming software allows even novices to realize complicated positioning tasks in an easy way.
Travel units, handling devices and processing lines with fixed or variable strokes are supported by simple programs for different positioning applications.

Note: When attaching one of the modules to a FX2NC base unit, the interface adapter FX2NC-CNV-IF is re- quired.MITSUBISHI Power Supply Unit FX2N-20PSU
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