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MITSUBISHI Interface Module FX2N-232IF
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Model: FX2N-232IF.
Interface: RS232C with 9 pole D-SUB connector (photocoupler isolation).

Power supply: 5 V DC / 40 mA (from base unit); 24 V DC / 80mA.

Communication speed: 0.3 – 19.2 kbps.

MELSEC FX2N;FX2NC;FX3U series compatible.

Weight(kg): 0.3.

Dimensions (W x H x D)mm: 55 x 90 x 87

Interface Module FX2N-232IF

The inter face module FX2N-232IF provides an RS232C inter face for serial data
communications with the MELSEC FX2N, FX2NC and FX3U.

Communication with PCs, printers,modems, barcode readers etc. is handled by the PLC

The send and receive data are stored in the FX2N-232IF’s own buffer memory

Changes at the user program are not possible via this interface module.

Note: When attaching this module to a FX2NC base unit, the interface adapter FX2NC-CNV-IF is required.

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