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Product name:CQM1H CPU.
I/O points:512 pts.
Program capacity(words):15.2 K.
DM capacity (words):6 K.
EM capacity (words):6 K.
RS-232C port:YES.
OMRON High-speed counter board CQM1H-CTB41
Product name:High-speed counter board.
Applicable CPU Units:CQM1H-CPU51/61.
Pulse inputs:4 inputs.
External outputs:4 outputS.
Current consumption (Supplied from Power Supply Unit):5 V DC, 400 mA max.
Dimensions:25 × 110 × 107 mm (W × H × D).
Weight:90 g max.
OMRON I/O Control Unit CQM1H-IC101
Model: CQM1H-IC101.
Connects to right-hand side of CPU block.
OMRON I/O Control Unit CQM1H-II101
Model: CQM1H-II101.
Connects to left-hand side of Expansion I/O block.
OMRON Analog I/O Board CQM1H-MAB42
Product name:Analog I/O Board.
Number of analog inputs:4 inputs.
Number of analog outputs:2 outputs.
Input signal ranges:–10 to 10 V,0 to 10 V,0 to 5 V.
Output signal ranges:–10 to 10 V.
OMRON EPROM Memory Cassette CQM1H-ME16K
Product name:EPROM Memory Cassette.
Specifications:16 Kwords without clock.
OMRON EPROM Memory Cassette CQM1H-ME16R
Product name:EPROM Memory Cassette.
Specifications:16 Kwords with clock.
OMRON Pulse I/O Board CQM1H-PLB21
Product name:Pulse I/O Board.
Applicable CPU Units:CQM1H-CPU51/61.
Mounting locations/No. of Boards:One in Inner Board slot 2 (right slot).
Pulse inputs:4 inputs.
Pulse outputs:2 outputs.
Dimensions:25 × 110 × 107 mm (W × H × D).
Weight:90 g max.
OMRON Programming console CQM1H-PRO01-E
Model: CQM1H-PRO01-E.
2-m Connecting Cable included (No other Connecting Cables required.).
OMRON Serial Communications Board CQM1H-SCB41
Product name:Serial Communications Board.
Applicable CPU Units:CQM1H-CPU51/61.
Serial Communica-tions ports>Port 1:RS-232C: 19.2 kbps max., 15 m max.
Serial Communica-tions ports>Port 2:RS-422A/485: 19.2 kbps max., 500 m max.
Dimensions:25 × 110 × 107 mm (W × H × D).
Weight:90 g max.
OMRON End cover CQM1H-TER01
Model: CQM1H-TER01.
Connects to the I/O module located on the extreme right.
OMRON AC Input Module CQM1-IA121
Product name:AC Input Module.
Number of inputs:8 pts.
Input Voltage:100 to 120V DC.
Input Current:5 mA.
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