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MITSUBISHI Two-stage metal stacking A0J2-2F
Model: A0J2-2F
Two-stage seat 56 points above and below the unit
MITSUBISHI Analog Input module A0J2-62DA
Product:Analog Input module.
Outline:2 channels; input (resolution): -1000 to 1000, -2000 to 2000; output: -10 to 10 V DC, 4 to 20 mA,
conversion speed: 16 ms/2 channels, 36-point terminal block
MITSUBISHI Analog Input module A0J2-68AD
Product:Analog Input module.
Outline:8 channels; input: -10 to 10 V DC, 4 to 20 mA; output (resolution): -2000 to 2000;
conversion speed: 2.5 ms/channel; 36-point terminal block.
MITSUBISHI Connecting cable A0J2-C01
Model: A0J2-C01
Cable for stacking units.
The standard input and output units.
MITSUBISHI Connecting cable A0J2-C03
Model: A0J2-C03
Horizontal cable.
MITSUBISHI Connecting cable A0J2-C03F
Model: A0J2-C03F
A0J2 56 points.
Product for I/O 2-stage unit.
MITSUBISHI Connecting cable A0J2-C04B
Model: A0J2-C04B
A65B/A68B/A55B/A58B connection cable.
MITSUBISHI Connecting cable A0J2-C06
Model: A0J2-C06
Vertical cable.
MITSUBISHI Connecting cable A0J2-C10
Model: A0J2-C10
Extension Cable.
MITSUBISHI Connecting cable A0J2-C10B
Model: A0J2-C10B
A65B/A68B/A55B/A58B connection cable.
MITSUBISHI Connecting cable A0J2-C20
Model: A0J2-C20
Extension Cable.
MITSUBISHI Serial Communication Module A0J2-C214S1
Model: A0J2-C214S1
RS-232C 1 channel, RS-422 1 channel.
Transmission speed: 0.3 ~ 19.2kbps.
Multi-drop (union station / local station master).
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