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OMRON Environment-resistive Output Terminal ?DRT2-OD08CL
Model: ?DRT2-OD08CL .
8 outputs.
NPN ( − common) without detection functions.
Environment-resistive Terminals with Transistors
OMRON Repeater Unit CRS1-RPT01
Model: CRS1-RPT01.
A sub-trunk line can be connected downstream (for trunk-branch line configuration) or further branching is enabled downstream (for configurations with no wiring restrictions) in the same way as for a Master Unit.
A Repeater Unit can be used to branch the
OMRON Analog input Slave Unit CRT1-AD04
Model: CRT1-AD04.
Analog inputs: 4 inputs
OMRON Mounting Bracket CRT1-ATT01
Model: CRT1-ATT01.
Unit with MIL Connectors.
For CRT1-V@D016ML(-1)/VAD04ML/VDA02ML
OMRON Mounting Bracket CRT1-ATT02
Model: CRT1-ATT02.
Unit with e-CON Connectors.
For CRT1-V@D08S(-1)/VAD04S/VDA02S
OMRON Input Unit with Connector CRT1B-ID04SP
Model: CRT1B-ID04SP.
4 DC inputs.
OMRON Input Unit with Connector CRT1B-ID04SP-1
Model: CRT1B-ID04SP-1.
4 DC inputs.
OMRON Unit with Clamp Terminal CRT1B-MD04SLP
Model: CRT1B-MD04SLP.
2 inputs and 2 outputs.
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