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Compact Advanced Vision Sensors - Easy-to-use smart matching sensors deliver high-speed quality inspections. Binary and color sensing product offerings provide the option to increase performance using cameras with built-in lighting to tackle a wide range of tasks.
OMRON High Resolution Vision Sensor F500-VS 10M
Model: F500-VS 10M.
F500 Camera Cables 10M
OMRON Industrial Switching Hub W4S1-03B
Model: W4S1-03B.
Number of ports: 3.
Failure detection: None.
Current consumption: 0.08A.
OMRON Industrial Switching Hub W4S1-05B
Model: W4S1-05B.
Number of ports: 5.
Failure detection: None.
Current consumption: 0.12A.
OMRON Industrial Switching Hub W4S1-05C
Model: W4S1-05C.
Number of ports: 5.
Failure detection: Supported.
Current consumption: 0.12A.
OMRON Mounting Bracket FQ-XL
Model: FQ-XL.
Application: For Sensor.
Mounting Bracket (enclosed with Sensor)
OMRON Panel Mounting Adapter FQ-XPM
Model: FQ-XPM.
Application: For Sensor.
Panel Mounting Adapter
OMRON Panel-mounting Adapter ZS-XPM2
Model: ZS-XPM2 .
Additional Units (for expansion)
OMRON Polarizing Filter Attachment FQ-XF1
Model: FQ-XF1.
Application: For Sensor.
Polarizing Filter Attachment (enclosed with Sensor)
OMRON Robot cable FQ-WD002
Model: FQ-WD002.
I/O Cables.
Cable length: 2M.
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